Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Low Mileage, One Previous Owner

[Kyle]What do you do if you are in Antigua, and too cheap to rent a car, or even a scooter; Go to Grab an Ass! where "Our Assess have been thoroughly checked over by certified Ass-nitions".

Seriously, we didn't have much of an interesting day. We trudged miles in the hot sun with various minor chores. We went to a local rigger, only to be told that the items we ordered last week, were not actually ordered yet, they weren't sure if the part numbers that we double and triple checked on ordering were correct - did we still want to place the order? We purchased new dinghy oars (for 4x the quoted price), and returned to the rigging place to be told the guy we need to deal with is out for the day, Propane fills were delayed a day,etc, etc, etc. We are certainly (forced to be) on Island time; all part of the experience.

On our long trudge back to English Harbour we spotted this poor animal being harassed by an over energetic little dog who had chased her into the street. Maryanne, being the good samaritan that she is, dove into traffic, picked up the line that was trailing behind, and led the donkey to safety. We continued our walk with the poor animal in tow, trying to establish where she had come from. After repeated blanks we found a guy who seemed to know where the donkey belonged and directed us to the appropriate gate, from which we assume she was able to wander her way back home. Fortunately, she was very tame and had a sweet disposition. She seemed happy enough to follow Maryanne wherever she was led. Luckily there was no stubborn ass scene in the middle of the local road and traffic.

[Maryanne]This was such a cute donkey, she really did seem pleased to be rescued from the dog, and in human hands. It was a nice sidebar to our otherwise dull day. We thought of a number of headlines for the picture, perhaps you can think of others.
My number 1 choice was Does my ass look big in this?

[Kyle]As for the legs, they are mine, covered with mosquito bites. They mosquitoes here don't actually seem so bad, we don't feel swarmed by them, etc. But they do come out at night when we are trying to sleep. The problem is that it is too hot to sleep with the hatches closed, or even with a sheet on. Unprotected, you get mauled. We usually try to stay protected by keeping a sheet up to our chins, but every couple of hours it gets unbearably hot and you have to throw the sheet off until shortly thereafter you hear the buzz of the mosquitoes about you. They know that you know, you know!

[Maryanne]Now! First of all we have a ton of bug spray, and citronella candles, but Kyle either thinks he does not need these, or is being environmentally safe and doesn't want to use such chemicals (I have no qualms). We also have mosquito netting / covers for the boat and the hatches - but for the last week, we have had constant short rain showers, and the hatches can't be opened and closed if the bug screen is on (poor design!). So we need to invest in a mosquito net for the bed, AND I need to design and make rain/bug covers for the hatches so we can leave the hatches open in the rain and still be protected.

Oh joys, more jobs!


kate said...

off the top of my head:
"harassed ass nearly smashed, saved by couple low on cash". i think your header should have been "low ass-mileage." it rhymes with gas, you see. :) otherwise, i'd have to go with maryanne's. the old 'does this make my ass look big?' is always a crowd pleaser.

sandra said...


Hi you 2 intrepid sailors we are still without email but the end is in site you really deserve all the relaxation you are getting by the way we have had SNOW forcast for Friday

Mommy Dearest said...

Awwww...what a cute little donkey! I have always been partial to donkeys because of their long eyelashes. They melt my stone-cold heart with one bat. Good for you for rescuing her but I think it would have been tempting to play Mary and Joseph and ride her around a bit. I presume this is the low carbon footprint transportation on the island? Mind you, I did not say "low emissions!"
How long do the two of you plan to stay on the island? I hope it's a good long time considering how long it is going to take you to get the parts you need. I guess there are worse places to be stranded. Except for the mosquitoes. Yes, time for bed netting, at least.
I vote for Kate's caption! Yeah, Kate. And hello to Sandra--my emails to you were also returned and I was a bit worried.
More soon. Keep the stories coming...

Anonymous said...

Say, was that a picture of Maryanne scratching her ass? An I thought only Kyle.... aw never mind.

Anonymous said...

OK, wow Maryanne, that's one hairy ass ya got there. You might want to do something about that. Oh, the hygiene on the high seas (insert pirate sound here).

Anonymous said...

Hellooo Webbs! Over the past few weeks, I've lost my ass in the stock market. Perhaps this is where it went.


Anonymous said...

No, this would probably be the ass that Kyle and Maryanne lost in the stock market in the past couple of months...