Saturday, June 08, 2013

Maine: A Couple of Slow Days

[Maryanne]In Kyle's last post, he ended with "perhaps it's time for a slow day". Wish granted!

[Kyle]At Roque Island, we actually got two slow days. The first was blustery, but otherwise pretty sunny as the cold front approached. Inside our cockpit enclosure we were out of the wind and the sun warmed the space up to just the perfect temperature. {Maryanne: I even wore a swimsuit all day}. By the time night fell, it was getting cold and starting to rain.

As we were turning off the lights and getting ready for bed, I did one last lap around the deck to check on things and noticed something extraordinary. There was not a single artificial light visible anywhere. (Our anchor light is shielded by the mast cap and is not visible from the deck). I’m pretty certain that’s the only time that has ever happened when we weren’t offshore. There’s always been a distant streetlamp or porch light visible somewhere.

We got up the second morning at low tide expecting to see seals basking on the nearby rocks. Instead, the cold air behind the front moved in over the warm water and created a fog so thick that we couldn’t see shore at all. It stayed like this all day. We hunkered down inside the warmth of the heated cabin reading to each other. Later on, Maryanne made a big pot of potato soup to help keep us warm.

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