Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Kalama Nui - Snorkelling Again

[Kyle]The next morning, we arose to find a small group of snorkelers and a boat on the other side of the bay. They seemed to be just finishing up. As we were getting ready to go in ourselves, the guy came over and asked if we wanted any food. “Yeah, sure!”

He handed us fixin’s for about five pack lunches. We got a loaf of bread, sliced meats, cheeses, various salads and, my favorite: a whole tub of pepperoncini peppers. Well, that’s a nice unexpected start to the day.

Snorkelling in this dramatic cove

In we went, aiming for the spot vacated by the tour group. The coral reefs at Kalama Nui are formed on top of fallen boulders and deep volcanic canyons, which gave everything an extra level of depth. There were lots of underwater caves and arches to explore. The fish were large and seemed unworried about us, particularly the rainbow-colored parrotfish. I even spotted a stingray coasting over the black sand bottom way below. As I was playing around in the surf near one of the caves, I spotted two other snorkelers with spear guns trailing a string of fish I had already all named Timmy. Not Timmy! Noooo!

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