Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Makena (Maui)

[Kyle]Makena has a couple of nice snorkeling sites that were far on opposite sides of our anchorage. We put the outboard on the pudgy and used it as our base for the day’s excursions. We got to see the now familiar coral and fish species plus a few sea turtles (This area is also known as Turtle Town). They are so laid back, graceful and docile. Maryanne spotted the first one as he practically shoved her out of the way on his wanderings.

Butterfly fish and sea turtles entertain us while snorkelling

When we were done swimming, we were pretty tired. I was ready to call it our one thing done for the day when Maryanne suggested we take the dinghy to shore so I could climb Pu’u Ala’i.

“Ah, no, thanks. I’m goo….Dammit!” Off we went.

Red Crested Cardianals welcome us to the beautiful Makena Beach

She remained on the black sand beach to get the good summit shot of me from below, while I trudged up to the cinder cone’s three summits. It took less time getting there than I expected and the views were tremendous. I even thought I could see all the way back to Nu’u. Our plan of a celebratory Mai Tai at the resort’s bar were foiled by the bar’s completely irrational hours. We haven’t managed to have one yet. Maryanne’s home cooking it was. We just had to dodge a few more weddings on the beach as we launched the dinghy into the surf.

Maryanne hangs out at black sand beach while Kyle (barely a pixel in the top left photo) climbs the hill for the views South and North

We diverted past the old Makena Church before returning to the beach for the row home

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