Monday, August 11, 2008

Boston Sightseeing

[Maryanne]We had little time, but we really wanted to see inside the Massachusetts state house. They organize free tours (our favorite price). We raced across town to make it for the last tour of the day! The original building was built in 1798 on an old cow field of John Hancock. Quickly they determined the building was too small, and it was extended with a very impressive marble - the Brigham addition. It seemed that no expense was spared and there are murals, mosaic floors, stained glass windows, and just generally an impressive building. Not like the public buildings of today.

Feeling sufficiently cultured, we moved down the street to the basement bar used for the setting of the TV Cheers bar, before walking back to the Ferry for home, via the Public Gardens alongside Boston Common.

We have one more full day to "see" downtown Boston. It won't be nearly enough, and we are sorry that boat issues kept us from seeing so much more.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous about all the wonderful spots you've found! The Cheers bar and Click & Clack's garage? Wow.