Friday, August 22, 2008

More Boston Sightseeing

[Maryanne]Boston (and its surrounding area) has a huge selection of things to keep you busy and entertained. Given the time constraints of Kyle and work, we prioritized our list.. Finally we were down to the last chance stuff, and we decided on the following 3 things

1 - Harvard University in Cambridge
We really enjoyed this, and especially the student run/owned Unofficial Tour which was a great mix of comedy and interesting facts during an hour walking tour of the campus. The grounds and buildings are just as you would expect (although for an ivy league university, quite lacking in Ivy in the main campus; we managed to find some in the University Museums ).

2 - The Good News Garage
You may wonder why a garage is on the tour itinerary at all, even more so for a couple without a car - but this is the garage of the "tappet brothers", Click and Clack - the NPR lousy radio show hosts of Car Talk! We love the show and were so close we made sure we'd swing by. Ray works there pretty much full time, but was out that day. The staff seemed remarkably un-phased by tourists and were really helpful, and even apologized that Ray was out that day (Implying that he normally sets time aside for those that take the detour to visit).

Juvenile African Penguin

3 - New England Aquarium
I've seen LOTS of aquariums, but still can't resist. Kyle was especially taken by the Penguins, and they had some impressive Sea Horse species (the large Leafy Sea dragon that can grow up to 45cm or 1.5'). The Aquarium is right on the Boston City waterfront so we enjoyed one last amble around the area, along with chowder for Lunch at the Legal Seafoods restaurant. The food was good, but does not deserve the place in Patricia Schultz’s guidebook, 1000 Places to See Before You Die.

Oh well.. We're moving on soon so the other Gems of Boston will need to wait for another time. I'll see if I can't sneak in a side trip into Boston on my own, once I'm sure I have the boat all ready for our next leg to NY.

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Mommy Dearest said...

It will be hard to leave the lush cultural soup that is Boston. I'm so glad you spent this much time there and know you'll return from time to time. Have a safe and fun and head-trouble-free sail down to NY and I'll look forward to the next post.