Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Sailing

[Maryanne]Now our boat is up and running we were keen to visit two more of the Boston Harbor Islands.

First we visited Grape Island, which at it's most built up held a farm house. There is no evidence of that any longer, it is a lush island filled with birds, and berries, and with great views over the bay. It is also apparently the best for camping, and each campsite is secluded off the trail. Even the two resident rangers camp on the island. Kyle practiced his rock skimming, and we both wondered exactly which berries were edible and which were not.

Our next plan was to visit Little Brewster and take a tour of the lighthouse (Boston Light) itself. The Island is only open for such private boater tours Fri/Sat/Sun so we had to schedule it with Kyle's availability.. This Friday was our last chance. However when we arrived there was no safe place to anchor so we were not able to leave Footprint and land ashore on the dinghy.. Still we enjoyed the lighthouse view yet again.

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Anonymous said...

Peter Kennedy has your blog on his website,so we figured you have a Gemini cat. We are considering buying one. (We learned to sail in Marblehead, north of Boston, hope you get to visit up there!)
Can you give us a referral for PK, also a way to contact the Gemini owners group??

John & Judy McCandless