Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kyle Bonds with the Head

[Maryanne]This week (again) our toilet stopped pumping. Since Kyle insisted on fixing the toilet alone the previous time, I told him it is now his domain since he still hasn't shown me what to do... Well after taking the toilet apart 6 times in one day this week, he made pretty sure I'd be able to do it next time.

The toilet is now overhauled so completely (new seals, everything) that I doubt there will be a problem for at least another year, by which time I expect to report I have forgotten everything, and it still Kyle's job! (I hope I can get away with it).

But the real reason I'm writing this post is to share some of the (Publishable) comments I heard from Kyle while he was in the middle of all this. Just to give you a feel for the moment.

While removing the bolts that hold the pump unit in place: A person's face should only need to be this close to the toilet bowl while throwing up.

Sarcastically: There is no better way to bond with your boat than to work on the head.

More Sarcasm: Wake up! What shall I do today? I'd like to fix my head, but so often you end up wasting your time sailing.

When we finally did go sailing, we had a host of new engine issues which kept us busy (all now resolved) - We had an Advanced Boat Maintenance Course - according to Kyle, although I'm pretty sure he'd rather be sailing.


Lou and Meg SV *Starrider* said...

Oh, Man do I know how Kyle felt! We installed a Macerator pump 2 seasons ago and got to be "friends" with the plumbing system.

Which pump are you having the issue with? The one that pumps water in the bowl? Or the "other" one? I do not think there is anyone in the world that looks forward to servicing that essential part of the boat.

So far we only had to repair the valve that selects flush or drain. A gasket was leaking water and the valve was hard to turn. I am not looking forward to servicing the "other" part of the head when needed.

Missing from Kyle's comments was; It is a ---tty job, but someone has to do it!

SV-Footprint said...

It started with one pump (empty side) and once Kyle had fixed that the other side (fill) failed... Once he fixed that the first one failed.... Oh boy, he was "finding Jesus" as we say. 4.5 hours he spent with it. Luckily we had the spares kit available and plenty of lube He pulled it all apart and replaced everything he could think of so there should not be any issues for a while.

Luckily for me it has always broken while Kyle has been around. Kyle does not feel so lucky about that though.

If Kyle ever loses his pilot job he can always work for Raritan, he has to be fully qualified after that day! I doubt it would be his first choice though LOL!

SV-Footprint said...

Raritan recently got a really good review in Practical Sailor. We dislike it, we never had a problem with our previous head so we don't agree with Practical Sailor on this one. It seems cheaply made and the handle gets in the way of things. Oh well, you make do and carry plenty of spares.

Mommy Dearest said...

I'm in awe of Kyle's restraint in the language department and abilities in the fix-it department. Or did he say things you didn't publish? Yeah, that's it. Well, still in awe of his fix-it abilities ;-)