Friday, August 29, 2008

Where are we now?

[Maryanne]Now we have our satellite phone working, we are finally ready for our next major passage (from North Carolina to Antigua in October). When that far off shore for a passage that may take a couple of weeks, we still like to keep in touch with our family on our progress - we found we can post position reports (via our satellite phone) with a group called YOTREPS- so we are currently testing it and making sure we can present our position. We put a link on the blog, but you can see the progress of Footprint here too.

Yotreps only allows updates to position every 3 hours, so while we are (currently) so close to land, it will often look like we are sailing across land. Also it only allows degrees and minutes - rather than seconds (or decimal minutes) for a location - so it may even appear that we are anchored on land - but the point is the system seems to work and we are comfortable about our next major offshore passage :-)

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