Saturday, August 16, 2008

Side Trip - Angie in Portsmouth

[Maryanne]I took a side trip (by plane) back to Portsmouth, VA this week. My good friend Angie most likely will not be there when we return on our planned visit next month, and I had been meaning to visit "home" earlier in our trip - it just never worked out.

Well I could not possibly miss out on seeing her, and before you know it we have a visit date agreed and a party arranged for that weekend! That's Angie for you! On the short trip I also squeezed in lunch with some ex-work colleagues. There are LOTS of others I would have liked to have met up with, but I hope catch up with them when we are in the Norfolk area for a longer time; and next time, Kyle will be with me.

The party was a blast, and I had the appropriate hang over the following day.

Angie is a friend we met while we were all staying in the same Marina. She is amazingly interesting, has cruised the Central and SE coast as a solo sailor in a small sail boat, and has lived aboard her various sail boats for years even before we met her. She is also an engineer on a large tug boat plying the Gulf of Mexico - this girl knows her stuff. Since I met Angie, she has gone over to the dark side and now has a beautiful trawler (with 3 floors/decks it's a great party location). We are both keen readers, and used to swap books weekly - after 3 months without seeing each other we each had a big pile of books to swap out. Angie is also a huge sushi fan, and continues to try and get me to appreciate it... Mostly I object due to the uncooked fish, the cost and the small portions - but she finally won me over by teaching me to make it (most sushi does not require raw fish apparently) - all problems solved. This picture was taken as an after thought - we had already eaten all the best looking ones - I think she taught me pretty well!

Thanks for everything Angie!


Lou and Meg SV *Starrider* said...

OMG that Angie is a FOX! And no ring on that left hand? She has to be every guy's dream. A sailor, engineer, and has her OWN boat, outrageous! Meg loves her long hair. I can see why you two got along since you both are mechanically inclined (another dream Guy's wish for). I am very lucky Meg takes an active role in mechanical maintenance (as long as it does not involve repacking wheel bearings), lol.

Long short story. Meg and I do maintenance on everything that we own. She has helped removing rebuilding and cleaning dirty engines, transmissions, etc. And yes she gets covered all over with grease, just as I. One day I was repacking wheel bearings on our M151A2 military jeep. I stuck my hand in the can of grease and showed her how to squeeze the grease through the bearing rollers, in the palm of your hand. She refused, saying no way she was sticking her hand in that can of grease. So I guess everyone has to draw a line in the sand, and that was her line, lol.

SV-Footprint said...

She is a Fox indeed... and a great friend. Actually I think she looks a little like Meg, when I first saw this picture of Meg I had to do a double take to be sure I wasn't looking at Angie.

I'm glad you guys know how lucky you are to have us wonderful ladies in your life :-)

Angie said...

Maryanne.....are you bragging this hard on me to make up for the black eye you gave me?

Miss you both!

Lou and Meg SV *Starrider* said...

I thought I was the only one that saw the resemblance. Meg dug out some pictures of when she was a bit younger and put them near the monitor. Sure enough, she said the same thing. I hope they both get to meet face to face someday.

BTW, we will both look forward to meeting up with you both next month :-)

Lou and Meg SV *Starrider* said...

This might be a better picture of Meg,

I notice it around the eyes.

Mommy Dearest said...

I've heard so much about Angie. It's great to put a face to all those stories (all good, Angie). Quite a gal, as you are. NO wonder you are fast friends. And I also know Kyle gets along with Angie for the same reasons he loves the daylight out of you!

Mommy Dearest said...

Oh, and the sushi, while still not the least appealing to me as food, certainly rates high as art! Nice job.