Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Agropoli - Day 4 -10th October

The port hull damage extends in the surf

[Kyle]Waves and surf were much worse in the morning. A check on Footprint found her to be stable, but slowly suffering more damage. Wave action continued to sink her further into the sand, raising the water level inside. Cracks on the inside of the damaged port bow have spread all of the way to the bottom of the hull and back up the other side, leaving a large hole little material attached to the main hull, The port rudder could not be seen, but the damaged starboard rudder is no longer aligned with the fore-aft axis of the hull.

We finally get a quick walk around old Agropoli while Footprint still awaits moving

Enzo took us on a long walk of Agropoli to orient us. We bought me an Italian phone so I could keep in touch within the country. So far all Enzo’s leads for an apartment have proved dead-ends, today Enzo put us in touch with a wonderful elderly woman on the first floor who acts as the building’s matriarch. She made a couple of calls to absent tenants, Enzo haggled the price on our behalf and in no time, we were given a furnished apartment on the 5th floor for a month for the price of only a few nights in a hotel. Many of the apartments are currently empty since they are owned by city dwelling families who use them only during the summer own them.

On one of our trips to the boat, we encountered Bruno. He was swinging by to check on her. He told us that flotation had been found and as soon as the weather subsides, they plan to float Footprint and take her into the harbor for haulout.

The weather is predicted to be too bad now for the next couple of days, so it appears that our earliest opportunity for getting Footprint off of the beach will be in two to three days time.

We had lunch with Vincenzo and then gave him back his privacy by moving our little pile of salvaged belongings into a corner of one room of our capacious new apartment.

We returned to the boat to collect as much of the food as we could carry that was still good. I was surprised at how quickly our big kitchen filled up. How did we get all of that on the boat? We have, of course, been invited to yet another delicious dinner at Enzo’s, joined by Pasquale. Pasquale also speaks English, but not as well as Vincenzo. Between the four of us chatting, their English is getting better and we are learning a few new Italian words also. {Maryanne: better still we are learning how to prepare some real Italian dishes!}


Mommy Dearest said...

So thrilled for your new Italian friends.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts are with you guys. Good luck over the next few days and I hope that soon you can find a path through all of this.