Saturday, May 27, 2017

Nuku Hiva Island - HaaHopu (by Airport)

[Kyle]Moving a little further around the island, we anchored near the old airport-dock (before the good road across the island was in place, people would come from the airport to the dock to take a boat around to the main town). It rained hard all afternoon, so we had a quiet day aboard to catch up with jobs - no other boats seen at all today (local or cruising) - we did disturb a couple ashore by our arrival, who clearly thought they'd found a most private beach... Oops! And yes, it remains warm in the water and out. At: 12:04(MART) 27-May-2017, Outside Temp: 31.1C (87.98F), Humidity:71%, Water Temp: 37.9C (100.22F)

The little beach near the airport dock

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Mommy Carla said...

I can't even tell you what a pleasure it is to catch up on all your adventures. I was going to just peek in, but as always, immediately got caught up in reading. I think if you every day and love you dearly.