Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tahuata Island - HanaMoeNoe

Another sweet passage - to another great destination

[Kyle]We left early and had a fast sail in strong winds to our next anchorage on the north side of the island of Tahuata. The anchorage was very full with many boats we had seen before. It took us a while to find a spot, but once we did, we just had to jump in and snorkel with everybody else. That took the heat off, but by the time we were done, half of the other boats in Hanavave showed up and the place started to feel a little too much like Spring Break.

For the next couple of days we had LOTS of rain, which clouded the water and kept us inside the muggy cabin. This did not help our moods (mine especially). Most of the other boats had been together since Panamá and had formed an impenetrable clique centered on having lots of kids aboard as well as having big boats with every convenience aboard. I felt out of place listening to chirpy conversations on the radio about long, hot showers (made possible by on-board desalination plants), electric breadmakers and the air conditioning in the kids’ rooms. When even more started showing up the next day, I decided I needed a break from crowds.

But still - we have a great view

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