Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cruising at last!

[Kyle]Right! The appointed time came and we got to go sailing!

Our first sail was overnight to an arm of one of the nearby fjords called Estero Quintupeu. The sail was a long, cold one in thickening clouds and rain. We arrived and passed through the narrow entrance into a green canyon fronted by gray clouds slowly tumbling as they rolled their way over the folds in the walls. Rain spattered the cabin and covered the hills with a coating of moisture that quickly collected into roaring waterfalls everywhere we turned our heads. In the water were sea loins and cormorants and, best of all, penguins! They were either Magellanic or Humboldt, it's hard to discern the small differences between the two. One swam right under the trampoline when Maryanne was lowering the anchor. We are pretty sure (based on range primarily) that they are Magellanic pengiuns.

Overnight sail
Once we arrived we found ourselves surrounded by mountains and sharing the bay with a salmon farm and a maga-yacht

We anchored at the head of the sound between a big salmon farm and a largish motor yacht sporting a twin engine helicopter on the top deck. Since the walls were too steep to climb and were only accessible by crossing a bog at any rate, we decided to declare this an indoor anchorage and content ourselves with enjoying the ever-changing, spooky views. Time to fire up the heater, make something warm to eat and do some writing.

Drizzly and gray, but so beautiful
Gave us the perfect setting to catch up with some blog

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