Sunday, February 11, 2018

More Chilean 'Fjords'

[Kyle]After a couple of nights enjoying Quintupeu, we headed to the far end of Estero Comau, the main fjord off which Quintupeu branches at the head.

The gloomy weather of the last couple of days began to clear and patches of sunlight could be seen on the slopes, moving and changing shape like the shadows of the clouds. On the tops of the mountains, bare rock was covered with fresh snow from the night before. The lower edges were already melting into waterfalls which slid along slides of smooth rock and tumbled over a left, right, right, left series of dropoffs before plunging into the sea beside us.

Sunshine, scenery, and the odd penguin - definitely Chile

Rounding the last bend, we found the helicopter boat sitting on a mooring behind a salmon farm. We picked up one nestled up closer into the protection of an indentation in the shore. Wow! The view is sublime, like the meadows of the Yosemite Valley had been replaced by a lake so that all of that majesty might be doubled in the reflection.

Securing the boat, we heard a distinctive noise. The helicopter lifted off and then headed up one of the valleys as it curved away. I have to admit I may have felt a teeny bit envious.


Walt said...

Hi Mayanne, Kyle

Wow what a trip to chile. Our computer background is the picture of the gemini 'dolce vita' in those waters with the glacier and ice in the background. It was on the PCI website years ago. That is the best picture of the gemini ever taken (just my opinion).. Maybe you remember it.

Here is the old youtube link to pictures. Carolyn and I are looking forward to your version! What a neat place to go with your boat, they were there 12 years ago in a gemini like you used to have! Not the high res version...

We are so glad to see you guys made it safely across the southern pacific.

We were sort of looking forward from a post from easter island...

As an aside, have you guys kept a record of what it is costing you all to be living and retired cruising on your boat? Just curious about the monthly expenses of doing this full time.

If you sail back up here, swing by again..

Take care,
Walt and Carolyn,

SV-Footprint said...

Hi Walt & Carolyn.. That Presentation by Dolce Vita (and Jose Vidal, the sailor) was at our first visit to the Gemini Factory (way before we even placed an order) - it was very inspiring. We remember it well.

We won't be going as far South as Jose, so we won't be anchoring to any icebergs (!) but we are indeed enjoying rural Chile and regularly have a view of the distant Andes.

As for costs - we understand it costs whatever you have.. LOL. We find this to be especially true when we are in the yard fixing things! We don't have any specific records, but there are people out there doing it and spending way more and way less than we do. (And plenty with young kids too, if you wanted to start sooner rather than later).