Thursday, February 08, 2018

Puerto Montt was Beautiful!

[Maryanne]After Kyle's posts extensively reporting on the two small issues we had , I wanted to counter that with a short post showing just how beautiful Puerto Montt is, and why all those little problems mean nothing once they are an hour behind us.

The historic Angelmo market, and waterfront with a backdrop of the Andes, it is a tourist heaven for many South Americans. Around town we only saw one other English speaking couple. At all the marinas we didn't see any foreign registered cruisers (just a couple of crewed mega yachts).

As for the tourist attractions, it is mostly the seafood and craft markets. But the craft markets are amazing. There is very little plastic tourist tat for sale, nearly everything for sale is hand made from wool, or wood or leather, often with the artisan who makes them actually also doing the selling. I loved it! AND I even got my sewing machine fixed.

Angelmo market, with giant garlic and plenty to tempt us

Local birds (and Sea Lions)

More markets of locally made produce
Kyle especially loved the car cover!

Some local came up with a great way to make his dinghy fly!


Mommy Carla said...

All this does a mother’s heart good. After such a long journey, to be greeted with such bounty is wonderful to see.
Trump is still president—don’t come back.

SV-Footprint said...

LOL - after having to cook for the previous 6 weeks - all that food was mind-numbing. We ate out a lot once we hit town :-)