Friday, May 16, 2008

Better know a seagull

[Maryanne]Since we have been in the NE (or maybe just away from urban areas), we have noticed the sea gulls a whole lot bigger and healthier than we are used to. They actually look more muscular and have very clean looking (healthy looking) feathers - no rag tags here! As we have observed them at the shore and in town, their diet is clearly different - they are eating crabs and shell fish faster than the locals. These birds are not eating out of trash cans! We have sat and watched the sea gulls catch, wrestle and eat crabs as big as themselves.

On our trip today to the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge, we even saw plenty of sea gull nests - a first for Kyle and me. We tried to avoid the nests, but some of them were right on the trail - impossible to keep clear of. This one had 3 large speckled eggs in it - I'm not sure how long to hatching time! Anyone know where sea gulls nest in the city?

The main gulls in this area (If I understand correctly from my trusty Peterson Field guide) are the Herring Gull.

Since all this was new to me, I thought I'd share.


Sarah said...


looks like you are having some cool adventures already!

will keep reading.


kate said...

Am I the first to recognize your Stephen Colbert reference here? Nice one!

Anonymous said...

In answer to the question about where seagulls nest in cities, I work in Worcester and we have a nest on the flat roof outside the window with 3 eggs in. The poor hen's been sitting on them for nearly 6 weeks, so don't think there's much likelihood of seeing any babies this year.