Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kyle the Gentleman!

[Maryanne]Kyle and I share most of the work pretty evenly, but I do need to say how wonderfully he has been looking after me while gunkholing! He hauls the dinghy ashore, he does the rowing, and he even gives me a piggy back from time to time to save the need for me to get my feet wet. I know I'm capable, but it is sooo nice to be spoilt also. I love my husband!

This picture is of Kyle re-launching the dinghy after we had landed for some exploring in the Basin and returned to find it high and dry. Even once the dinghy was back in the water, it still needed to be dragged over a very shallow patch, before he brought it round to a ledge for me to board - my feet were still dry (can't say the same for Kyle).

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