Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Touring the National Historic Landmarks of Maine...

[Maryanne]Tuesday was to be a our one day together to explore Portland... given the events of the previous day, that changed, instead we hiked/trawled the malls, looking for new glasses and to swap over Kyle's now defunct (waterlogged) phone - all so he can be functional at work tomorrow! Nothing like a deadline!

We did get to see one of Maine's National Historic Monuments - not one that was originally on our schedule - and not really terribly exciting; while navigating on foot between Malls, we crossed over the Maine Turnpike, and a sign that revealed itself to be a - National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Now I wonder just how many people have come to Portland to see that!

I'm hoping that the rest of our stay in Portland is a little less expensive, and a lot safer!


Mommy Carla said...

Welcome me back--I have sorely missed your posts, unable for an unexplained reason, to pull up the site. I'm not sure whether it is more fun to read as you go along or save it all up for one long catch-up session. It's like Christmas--little gifts come in and I like to save them all up. So that's what I've done today, opened all your gifts. And caught up with you once more.
I can't say how much fun it is to read your posts and one or both of you are becoming better than professional photographers. (Thanks for the hint about the photos, Maryanne.) I feel like I'm along for the trip with the two of you doing all the rowing. Wonderful!
I can't imagine either of you would want to winter in Arizona after such adventures. Life here seems incredibly dull, listless and uneventful. All I can say is that my spirit soars (all I can think of is John Ashcroft singing his terrible "as the eagle soars" bit that Colbert plays over and over again) just reading about your wonderful adventures, and yes, even the terrible ones.
Kyle's explanation about how he fell out of the dinghy makes perfect sense. I realize it's Kyle's Story, intended to make what had to be a pretty awkward move look excusable and even understandable. If I didn't know Kyle so well, I'd buy it completely.
I laughed till I cried reading the "Help" post and the watery eyes required me to compose myself before reading on. Not an easy task.
I miss you terribly but would never rob you of this journey for anything in the world, not even to whine for a visit. What a fabulous, rich experience this has been...and you are only at the beginning. How many more trips overboard lie ahead? How many more tanks of white globuled drinking (?) water? You inspire me to appreciate the next long drink of water I get from the spigot in the fridge door!
Love you both. Keep writing! Keep taking photos and movies and sharing with the rest of us. We love it.

Steve said...


Trying to find your boat in this pictures.. .just kidding. i don't think Google updates their satellite images quite that fast... but looking over at the docks, I can just picture the spot where Kyle fell in. At least now you are both even... where is the video of Maryanne laughing uncontrollably?