Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quahog Bay, Maine

[Kyle]After the morning excitement, and Maryanne was dried off (see previous post) we went out to explore the many islands and inlets of southern Quahog Bay. Rowing upwind and sailing downwind. We landed on the south side of one island, walked to its northern tip and had a picnic lunch. Later, Maryanne went up to see a lighthouse on Snow Island, although I must confess, even though Maine is lousy with light houses (like Rhode Island), they just don't seem nearly as impressive

Since I had noticed that the seals liked to come on beach/rocks at low tide, I decided we would get up very early the next day to try and observe them on the next low tide. There was a little bit of wind, so we setup the sailing kit in the dingy and sailed all over the bay hoping to find seals. We did have one guy who kept popping his head up out of the water from a safe distance to look at us, but other than that - no luck. So we spent the rest of the afternoon tacking in and out of all the remaining inlets of the bay, before returning to Footprint for our next trip.

[Maryanne]Early does not begin to describe it! We must have spent 10 hours in the dingy this day... I didn't agree with Kyle's sleuthing about seals and low tide, so I was resistant at climbing in the dinghy at 6:30 am - but off we went. I had to amuse myself through the day - but paid for it on the way back! Oops - I guess Kyle doesn't like my jokes!

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