Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Comments from friends and family

[Maryanne]We need to say a BIG THANK You to those posting comments on the blog. It turns it from a diary into a conversation and we both get really excited to read the comments.

Note you DON'T have to register to post a comment - you can post "anonymously" but then just add your name at the end of the text so we know who you are.

Kate - we guess the movie is Captain Ron, but have no idea (you win in the movie quotes for today!) Oh and the carousel is still there, but we didn't find it.

Angie - WOW - from not following any blog to posting comments - a true convert :-)

Thanks again all, and keep the posts coming

1 comment:

gail said...

Thanks for writing the blog. We travel to Maine every summer - this year we have a tandem kayak and hope to paddle around the Basin as well. The area is magical.