Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hampden, Maine

[Maryanne]Kyle is back at work, and my task is to have the boat ready and provisioned for the next leg of our trip. BUT first things first - it's been a while since my last shower, so I took a trip into Hampden to use the local swimming baths (exercise and a shower!)... I have been washing on the boat - but a shower makes washing my hair a much easier task.. Off I went on my bicycle (luckily the hills were all UP on the way there, and down on the way back).

Hampden is very small, and even its own town website doesn't list anything to do in Hampden in its visitor section! It does at least have a swimming pool. On the way home I also had my dose of girly and stopped off for a haircut (I think the first one this year!).

Still - Hampden IS in Rural Maine - so there are plenty of pretty sights like the one in this blog post - the picture is of Souadabscook Stream just as it passes under the road I had to cycle along, and before it feeds into the Penobscot River - pretty eh?

What with cycling, swimming and cutting off some hair - I weigh a lot less this afternoon; still plenty spare though - I DO need to work on that.

Oops, enough chatter, I'd better get on with preparing the boat.

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