Thursday, June 12, 2008

Portland To Bangor

[Maryanne]I'll leave Kyle to write a more detailed report, but just to let you know we are now in Bangor (actually Hampden, but close enough). Our Marina has nice river (tree lined) views, but no showers or Laundry facilities, so the chores will keep me busy. Our last shower consisted of a swim off the back of the boat (thankfully the river water is WAY warmer than the bay/sea water this far north).

People were surprised to find we were planning to visit Bangor, and I suspected we would find the journey industrial and not very nice, but the opposite was true. The journey up to Bangor was wonderful, beautiful, and tranquil. We had great sailing, great anchoring, great views, and great weather. We seem to pretty much have the place to ourselves also. We even got to use our BBQ on the back of the boat (a Christmas present).

The weather here is wonderful, a little breeze and good warm sun (with nice long days too).. I'm going to make the most of it as I understand further South it is already WAY too hot.

It was not until we arrived in Bangor that it dawned on me why people were surprised at Bangor as a destination - it is because Bangor is so small, and really not that exciting (a bit run down, the only construction I noticed was a giant Casino!). On top of that, we have no cell phone nor internet coverage in the bay/river or city of Bangor (I'm performing this update from a local library).

Whilst enjoying breakfast in the cockpit yesterday I sat and watched a deer for 10 minutes on the river edge, so I know I can get relaxation here. I had hoped to plan a flight to visit friends while in Bangor - but without internet/phone that becomes too complex - so once the chores are done, I guess I'm planning on catching up with some reading, and possibly some fishing (rather than just trying) too while hanging out on the boat.

Kyle will post soon about the trip - Swing bridges, lighthouses, Fort Knox (a different one), bald eagles, mountains, and our first dose of Maine fog.

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