Thursday, June 12, 2008

Portland to Bangor - Day 3

[Kyle] The next morning we got up very early to a beautiful sunrise in patchy fog and not a breath of wind. My intent had been to motor North up the Bay until the wind filled in but we never saw more than three knots of it the whole day so it turned into a long day of the motor driving me nuts (yaargh!). Our route took us up through many little islands and we alternated between thick fog and clear, blue sky on the way. We also started to see higher mountains as we got further inland past the beautiful towns of Rockland and Camden. We finally anchored in a big semicircle at the very head of the Bay called Fort Point Cove. Our guidebook said it was only mediocre. We couldn't figure out why. I guess they figured they had to say it about somewhere, so they picked here. Maybe there's really good ice cream stands at all the other coves. I don't know. Maine is like that. It's really hard to find a place that doesn't just make your heart ache with the beauty of it all.

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