Friday, June 20, 2008

Fort Point Lighthouse

[Maryanne]Firstly, I want to explain the lack of entries lately; there are several reasons.

1) We are in an area with no cell phone or internet coverage - so I have to go into Bangor to use the public library if I want to send email or use the internet
2) Bangor itself is pretty dull, or at least I have yet to find anything to excite me
3) The weather too has been dull, so I've not been that interested in exploring too much.

BUT - Kyle was home for the weekend, and despite the forecast we went sailing (but canceled plans to go camping). On the way up the Penobscot River we had passed by a State park (Fort Point, with its lighthouse). It is by a spacious bay, great for anchoring, so we decided to spend the weekend there, and take some time on land to explore the park.

The Park was tiny, so it didn't take long. We were glad to use their guest dock which made it very easy to explore, and once done, anchor in the bay. The lighthouse was the second of this type (with the separate fog bell tower) we had seen in the area, and I was really keen to take a better look at it. We could not go in the lighthouse, but at least the weather held out for us during our tour. As you can see, I was particularly taken with the mail box!

You are expected to pay to enter the park, and there are no gatekeepers, just a little box to deposit your money in - quaint! (Yes we did pay).

It did rain most of the weekend so we were happy to hang out in the bay and relax, catch up with some reading, etc. I'm still fishing and not catching anything. On this return trip up the river to our mooring, we swapped out lures, drifted, cast, trolled, did everything - but none of the fish want to be dinner. I'll keep trying, but will probably have that heart attack if I ever catch anything.

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