Thursday, June 12, 2008

Portland to Bangor - Day 1

[Kyle] Well, Maryanne said I'd do it, so I'd better do it. Maryanne added the pictures later as I am in New Jersey at the moment and cannot.

Our first day out of Portland we sailed to yet another beautiful cove called Love Cove in Ebencook Harbor. This is just to the East of where we originally made landfall in Maine last month. The sail reminded me of flying in the Pacific Northwest in the winter. The fog came in right after we left the mooring and we didn't see anything except the occasional lobster pot float or a piece of driftwood coming out of the featureless void until we were almost there. I measured the visibility at between 250 and 300 feet most of the time, which would be too poor to takeoff or land in an airplane. I imagine that we were missing some really good stuff. The radar showed all kinds of returns. Fortunately they coincided with what was supposed to be there according to the map. The fog seemed to have kept everybody ashore as the only traffic we had was a Coast Guard buoy tender at the very start and a lobster boat that kept about a half mile back in the middle.

As we sailed inland toward our anchorage, we just sailed right out the side of the bank into beautiful clear skies. We anchored so close to shore that I was tempted to jump (just tempted) We were alone in a beautiful cove for a lovely sunset. It was a nice end to an otherwise featureless day.

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