Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things are Looking Up

[Maryanne]Yes, we have internet on the boat again - I really was feeling very isolated, especially while Kyle was off at work - but now I have access again (although still waiting on phone signals!).

This weekend Kyle and I ventured a little further out in the Penobscot Bay - to the North point of Isleboro Island (Turtle Head Cove). The forecast was for thunderstorms and contrary winds, so we just hung out the whole weekend there (still no fish, and still trying). We did have some great weather (and some not so great - but luckily the not-so-great weather was at anchor). We spent our time reading, planning our next trip, and eating toasted marshmallows with all the glory (and mess!).

The steering wheel and the autopilot are all back together and working again - although we still have yet to remove the wheel; Kyle managed to replace the missed part without removing it. We do now at least have a jury rigged wheel puller that will help next time (thanks to fellow Gemini Owner Walt!).

This weekend we leave Bangor and take a slow tour down to the Boston area (still not exactly sure where - it costs $1000+ a month to moor (let alone Dock) in Boston downtown, so we know it won't be there!). Kyle has plenty of time from work to take the trip - so we will finally get to Mount Desert Island (home of Arcadia National Park, Bar Harbor, and the USA's only Fjord)... We are both REALLY looking forward to the trip - and to moving on / Sailing again..

Of course Maine is famous for its Fog. We have been lucky and not disrupted by it at all: whenever it's been bad we have been scheduled to stay where we were and whenever we needed to move, it has not been too bad - Lucky I guess... Now if only that Luck can jump to our fishing too! Anyway - here is Kyle enjoying the view in Turtle Head Cove - He made me post this.. (Sorry all).

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Mommy Dearest said...

I haven't seen so much fog since I left San Francisco! Love it!