Friday, June 20, 2008

Other Chores

[Maryanne]Here is Kyle cleaning the bottom of the boat at the water line last weekend. The current was strong, but he clung on with huge suction cups. I was there for moral support (Honestly).

One of the agreements we made regarding my retirement is that I would be able to do most of the boat maintenance so when Kyle was at home, we could both just relax - I really TRY to help - but on this occasion Kyle will have to be the hero and rescue me (again)...

Anyone that knows Kyle and I will know we like to be prepared.... As part of this we have an extensive spares selection on the boat - at the ready. One thing missing from the stores is a spare belt for our autopilot. I've been trying to purchase one for ages, but for some mysterious reason the supplier does not seem to be supplying any to the sellers - every so often I will chase a lead, and it always leads nowhere. Our local dockmaster suggested I can probably purchase one from a local company that makes belts for all sorts of things and could most likely match it.

What harm can it do to ask I thought! Well first I had to get the old belt off - which requires removing the steering wheel. There is available a special tool to remove the steering wheel, but in the past we had managed with brute force and a crow bar - I managed again. (Very proud of myself). It turned out this local manufacture could not match the belt - so I returned to the boat to put back the belt (I decided I'd take pictures to help the next time). I was being very diligent.. and quite smug with myself.. Just as I put the wheel back on, I noticed a part that should have been installed before this point - 3 days later I am still trying to remove the wheel. I have borrowed two different types of wheel pullers from the local boat yard (neither quite fit), I have been unable to purchase a wheel remover locally (They offered to order one at $100+) - so now I'm being a feeble female and waiting for Kyle to return home to rescue me (and the autopilot).

I did manage to test the electrolyte levels in the batteries... Not bad for 4 days "work".


sandra said...

I know hindsight is 20 20 vision but perhaps it might have been a good idea to take a photo before dismantling the steering MUM

Mommy Dearest said...

It's about time to get outta there, isn't it? I feel so cut off knowing you don't have internet or cell phone signals...and I'm ALWAYS cut off, so it's pretty strange I'd feel your pain with this one, isn't it? Again--very much enjoying your posts and trials as well as the breathtaking scenery. Is Kyle getting a little BALD on top?? Heehee.

SV-Footprint said...

Ahhh - Kyle's "way" is to shave his head every solstice and equinox - so this solstice (after that picture) he shaved his head totally.

As for the steering wheel - we have it "fixed" and have since purchased the tools that apparently (yet to be tested) will remove the wheel with ease - Whew! (Big thanks to Walt for the tip)

Good news is internet connection is back on the boat, which makes me feel VERY MUCH BETTER.

SV-Footprint said...

Oh - and yes - pictures do exist... I have to also remember to look at them! Oops.