Monday, September 01, 2008

Boston to New York City - Day 3

Block Island

[Kyle] Our next day to Block Island was a repeat of the practically windless day before. At some point, we got descended upon by biting flies. I've never understood why in the middle of a body of water 20 miles wide, there are suddenly hundreds of these horrible little monsters waiting to attack as soon as the wind dies down. The same thing happens on the Chesapeake and in the Great Lakes. I'm sure they just rest on top of the water on the surface tension for some unsuspecting boat to come by, but where do they go when it's windy? Plus, that's an awful long trip for a fly to make when there is no wind. Anyway, Battle of the Flies - very ugly, we lost.

As we approached Block Island, it became apparent from the trajectories of all the other boats in sight that they were all heading there too. There isn't anything else within miles of it. When we finally entered the harbor at Great Salt Pond, We saw what must have been 2000 boats moored and anchored in the harbor. Even though it was only Thursday, the Labor Day weekend had already started here. We were pretty exhausted from the early start, the battle and all of the blood loss so we just followed our usual strategy of finding a place too shallow for anybody else to want and relaxed for the rest of the day. Going ashore and joining the mob scene had no appeal.

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