Friday, September 05, 2008

Forced Move

[Maryanne]Kyle set off for work today, and we both rowed into shore together at 8am. Kyle went off for the train to work, I took a long hot shower, and then set off for a 10am appointment with the Historical Society for a bit of research. Just as I was waiting in line at the Historical Society, I had a call from the Marina; they wanted me to move the boat because of Hurricane Hanna! They would not allow me to ride out the storm aboard the boat. Luckily they offered a free stay at a marina to entice me to move. Unfortunately that marina is back in Long Island Sound, and to get there I would have to take the boat back through Hell Gate, and if I was going to do it today, I would have to navigate Hell Gate against a full current. Yikes. Kyle and I both thought the Mooring ball we were on would be fine. Max gusts predicted were in the low 40's, and max winds 36kt. The mooring is well protected from both sides by the NY skyline, and lots of large tug and barges had appeared and anchored in the river along side us, to ride out the storm - clearly the expert locals thought it would be OK.

However, having been specifically asked to move (and offered a free dock) we felt we had to move. Since Kyle was at work, I got to move the boat (good Job I had that recent practice in Boston!)

It took me over 5 hours to get here, but I made it, I'm safe, the boat is well tied up and I don't have to row to shore. It is supposed to be very heavy rain from this evening onwards, but if there is a break I'll explore the area. I'm right next to the Mets stadium, and close by to La Guardia airport. Once the storm has passed through I'll return to the mooring, hopefully in time for Kyle to return from work.


Split Decision said...

If you get ashore, check out Chinatown in Flushing. Supposedly more authentic than Manhattan's Chinatown. Also, Flushing's children's science museum is pretty cool. Amy and I like playing par 3 golf at the course next to Met's stadium. But the course may be a bit soggy this weekend.

I'm surprised they sent you back to the LI sound. I would have thought that going up the Hudson would be preferable. Although, I've never been up the Hudson, so I don't really know. Either that, or finding something on Staten Island. No room at Liberty Landing?

It's drizzling here in Baltimore. Still not much rain or wind to speak of.

SV-Footprint said...

Hi Scott! Thanks for the tips on Flushing, although we are expecting heavy rain all day today (it hasn't started yet) and I hope to return tomorrow. I love Chinese food so I'll check it out if the opportunity arises!

We were offered this marina because it is owned by the same people (NY Parks). Kyle and I also looked at moving the boat up the Hudson and anchoring somewhere there. It's nice to have the boat at a dock so that getting to land is not that big deal that it can be on an anchor or mooring.

Hope you are going to be fine in Baltimore (sounds like you have prepared the boat, and are ready); I'm not expecting too big a deal here, and feel quite protected.

I'm a little exhausted from the rushing around yesterday, I have new regard for you single-handers.

As for Richmond, I hope you are enjoying it there (I'm still chuckling at Amy calling it a small town. Although it has about 1/3 the population of Baltimore, it is still a state capital, should have plenty to keep you busy). Kyle and I sailed our old boat up the James to Richmond a few times, and we have good friends that live there - if you like pizza check out Bottoms Up in Shockoe Bottom. The building (and whole area) was devastated from high floods in Isabel/2003, but is back up and running now. Apart from the great food, it is also a pretty cool environment and they have music often.

Amy said...

Hi Maryanne- Wow, what an adventure!

I second Scott's Flushing recommendations if you can do it. We made it to Bottom's Up a couple weeks ago for nachos and beer. And the small town we're in really IS a small town, about 6000 people, 15 miles north of Richmond. Richmond is the big city for us now!

The rain is pretty heavy here in VA already, so I imagine it will be bad up there later tonight. Stay dry and safe!

SV-Footprint said...

I Just walked out of the marina and found a map to the park here, it looks huge (2nd largest in NY acording to the notice board!).. I returned to the boat to get my bicycle so I can fully explore before the rain comes.

Hope you guys fare well with Hanna. I wish I had my rain catcher made to test it out today (I could do with topping up the water tanks!)