Sunday, September 07, 2008

Safely Back on the Ball

[Maryanne]What a weekend! On Friday I made it to Flushing, and the World Fair Marina without incident, despite the contrary current. I was pretty proud of myself for planning and doing the journey, and arriving at the dock without help from Kyle. I have a WHOLE load of new respect for those that solo sail, although given the time etc, I cheated and only motored the whole way. Even so, I arrived exhausted and was happy to spend the evening relaxing on the boat.

Saturday the rain held off longer than expected. I'm not quite sure what I had expected of the area ashore, but on a quick inspection it seemed WAY more interesting than I could have hoped for. I collected my bicycle and went for a tour. I started off heading for the College Point area - here Chinatown begins for the district of Flushing, it is also FULL of single shack car mechanics (I wish I'd taken a picture, it was hard to believe there would be enough cars to keep them all busy) - all with signs mostly in Chinese (We'll how would I know? but definitely covered with those Chinese looking symbols! I'm assuming). I eventually found a route to the park, but all the while being "redirected" by swarms of traffic police. Something big was happening and I had no idea what, I thought it might be a Mets game. Once at the park the event became clear, it was the US Tennis Open - and the place was packed with people arriving for the day's tournaments. Large areas of park lawn were temporary corporate hospitality tents; police were everywhere. The park had gone into winter mode (paddling pools drained, etc) the museums appeared closed, but I managed to cycle around and between most of it. I especially liked this huge globe!

The weather was threatening, and it was too early to eat. Other Gemini owners had recommended Chinatown, but I didn't want to hang around too long and risk the weather, they also suggested the golf, but despite finding at least 3 golfing (pitch and putt) places in the park, I didn't feel there was much fun in playing on my own. I made my way back to the boat to wait out the rain, and the coming storm. The storm was pretty much a non-event; I'm now pretty sure I didn't need to move.

So today, I made my way back; this time with the luxury of picking the right tides and slack water for the most dangerous parts of the route. There was a little challenge as I heard the SECURI-TAY on the radio that the Hudson river (the bit I needed to pass through to get back to the mooring) was going to be closed for several hours for the NY Super Boat Grand Prix Race. I was sailing and it looked as though I'd make it through before the river closed, but don't you know it, the wind died on me with 3 police boats and a coast guard cutter trailing me! I had to motor to get out of the security zone before I was in trouble.

I'm back on our mooring ball, and managed to get one a little closer to the Marina today, so tomorrow's row won't be so tough.

Although I'm a little frustrated about being asked to move, I'm also really pleased, it forced me to take the boat on my own, further, and in more challenging conditions that I would have done if left to my own pace - I made it there and back, all on my own - I feel my boat confidence has just risen at least 5 notches (lots) on some imaginary scale. Very happy. I still want Kyle to come home though, so I can resume my more leisurely role on the boat :-)


Mommy Dearest said...

Sometimes I feel I'm watching two lovely fish in an aquarium when I read your blog entries. For one thing, you are both talented writers and I'm sure I'd enjoy reading about your adventures even if I had never met you. Your lives are so eventful. Imagine having something to say nearly every day! Oh sure, I can play that game too...let's see...I got mail today, sold a set of china at a profit and finished the laundry. Harumph. It's such a visceral pleasure to read your tales and see you, as much as I can through these veritable glass walls, wending your way through such interesting places, people and events. And Maryanne--you must be scanning in photos from professionally concocted post cards for all these wonderful photos. It was sweet to read how you enjoyed spending the evening with your husband, too. He needs a shave, but he's still a pretty decent looking old guy, eh? I go for a week or so not seeing your blog, then something draws me in and I am locked on for the duration. Thank you again for the stories. And be sure to come up with a good birthday celebration--Hey everyone--Maryanne's birthday is Sept 13!!

Mommy Dearest said...

YOTREPS indicates you are near Indianapolis about now....

Anonymous said...

FYI... That globe was the symbol of the 1964 World's Fair.