Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm a Lucky Lady

[Maryanne]Just look at my husband.. How could you ask for more? No seriously: here's a guy that can have fun, doesn't take himself too seriously (those teeth are mini-marshmallows!) and even in jest is pretty good looking.

But enough of that slushy stuff. I know I've not posted in a few days, so just wanted to check in, let you know we are all fine. We've been working hard and running around with various projects for the boat and our next long journey (Just-in-case Medical supplies, bottom painting, etc) and of course trying to catch up with friends too.

Angie could not join us but she made us Dinner last night (Sushi - WOW! Thanks Angie).

Despite having to-do lists that seem to grow faster than I can tick them off, I met up with Liz (friend from my EMT days), and together we spent some time volunteering for the Obama campaign this week. I was very proud of myself, but totally humbled by the many folks that seem to have given up work completely, traveled across country and thrown themselves into 20 hour days working for change. Virginia is a critical swing state, although I will be voting from Arizona, my official home. This will be my first presidential election as an American citizen, I'm very excited and am desperate to see that we can have a democratic President, especially one so eloquent and obviously intelligent as Barack - one we won't have to feel embarrassed about on the international stage.


kate said...

Amen, sista! Couldn't have said it better myself. I am optimistic and hope your first opportunity to participate in a U.S. presidential election will NOT leave you feeling as I did 4 years ago...[sad face here, popping a hanful of percocet] As for Kyle's teeth, you can pretend they're mini marshmallows if you want, but I happen to think his recent dental work is nothing to be embarrassed about. This is America, after all, where tanned skin, golden tresses and chicklet-sized choppers aren't just acceptable, they're practically required! 1 down, 2 to go...

Anonymous said...

Hi You Two! I am also working on the Obama campaign, which feels pretty darned good, I have to say. I'm in that demographic group that is not "supposed" to support him--HA. I'm determined to help elect Obama this November. Everyone needs to double-check their registration to vote--critical since the RNC is trying to cage people off the voting lists. I'm convinced that if we show up in large enough numbers, they cannot steal enough votes to overcome us again. McCain has suspended his campaign for the moment, so perhaps Obama will win a default election. Nothing would surprise me anymore. Someone said this most recent move by McCain is a hail mary pass that puts both hail and mary to shame. Unless you've watched a US football game or two, that might not make any sense but I liked it. Desperation.

I agree with Kate--Kyle's dental problems are nothing to be embarrassed about. It's okay Kyle--your new implants look pretty nice. The hair, though...or lack thereof...well, a good skull cap might help there. This is a man who is pretty darned good-looking with hair.

What is your schedule for taking off from Portsmouth? Will I have time to get some DVDs to you for your onboard enjoyment? Peanuts anyone?

Have a glass of wine or two for me and enjoy your stay in civilization before you slip the bonds again.