Monday, September 01, 2008

Boston to New York City - Day 4

Breakfast pastries from Aldo's delivered to the boat

[Kyle] Our morning started off well. As we were preparing to leave in the morning quiet, we heard a call: "AN-diamo, andia-MOOOO!,AN-diamo, andia-MOOOO!" It was Aldo's Floating Bakery - a skiff with breakfast that comes right to your boat. Even though we had already eaten, we got some stuff for the "road".

Weaving our way in and out of boats with people getting ready for the day, we saw a ferry come in with somebody on the top deck running on a treadmill going through what I guess was their morning routine.

Once out into the sound, Maryanne spotted a flipper of some kind in the water. It didn't look like a shark. Our best guess was that it was a wingtip on some kind of ray. When we finally snuck up on it, it turned out to be the fin of a huge Ocean Sunfish. The guy was about as big around as a breakfast table and with the fins was about as wide as the boat and almost a foot thick. It gave us a cute, dopey, scared look and dove before we could get a picture. Upon resuming our course, we hooked another Striped Bass, Which had Maryanne grinning from ear to ear, chuffed at being able to provide for us again.

A third day of slow speeds from light winds got us to the Watch Hill Passage to the East of Fisher's Island, NY late and at just the wrong time for the current. The wind finally came up just as we got there but we needed sails and the engine to make it through at about a slow walk. We anchored in West Harbor on Fisher's with only a handful of other boats. It was nice to have some peace and quiet along with expansive views of Fisher's Island Sound.

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