Monday, September 01, 2008

Boston to New York City - Day 7

[Kyle] We got to "sleep in" at Port Jeff. The sun came up right on time once we were were only a couple of miles into the sound. The forecast was for the previous day's wind to die. When we were getting ready to go at 5 a.m. the wind at the boat was showing 1 kt out of the East - not good. Once out in open water, the wind gradually picked up and Footprint again streaked across the sound while we marveled at the speed. We were glad they busted that forecast. We also started seeing the tops of the skyscrapers in New York. The air is so clear that it looked a lot closer than the 30 miles or so that separated us. We managed to get anchored just off Umbrella Point at Larchmont Harbor, NY before Noon, just as everybody was showing up to take their boats out for the day. We enjoyed sitting in the cockpit and watching the day go by before us, satisfied that we had already put in a really good one ourselves.

Our anchorage is off a beautiful park with lovely stone buildings and manicured paths leading around big boulders to the beach. The harbor is full of moorings so we are basically just anchored in the open sound, but it's relatively narrow here and we have good protection from the waves while keeping a nice breeze for the night.

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