Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 2 - Bermuda to Eire

Leaving Bermuda Via Town Cut, Maryanne at the Helm.

Weather: Clear, Fine, Warm, low winds (3-7kt)

General Comments: We set off around 11:00am Bermuda time, a little delayed by some (welcome) last minute visitors to the boat. The boat however, is running on GMT so by log we left at 14:01, making for a 10 hour day. The winds were light, as expected, and the sea has a very low, with long swell. In some ways, the sailing is more comfortable than being at anchor... Oh my, now I know why there is a book titled "Gentlemen don't sail to weather". Very soon into our passage we had a pod of Dolphins come to inspect us. They didn't stay long as we were going so slowly, but Kyle and I hadn't sighted dolphins in months (since just before Antigua, 6 months ago) and it was wonderful to see them again. The winds have been between 3 and 7kt and we are sailing between 60 and 120 degrees apparent, moving along between 1 and 4 kt with screacher and full main sail - very slowly, but as expected and (so far) not concerned. It WAS a little frustrating to have a seabird SWIM past us, and then take off, return and do it again.. Interestingly, the seabird was seeking out and eating the smaller Portuguese Men o'war. 

This is the first time we can recall being on  passage without being seasick the first day.  So far with the light conditions it is very comfortable.  There was a lot of traffic as we left Bermuda - the Cruise ship Norwegian Majesty inbound, a few fishing boats just off Bermuda and a couple of sail boats headed over the horizon in the same direction. Since yesterday afternoon we've not seen any other vessels. Our last sighting of Bermuda was just before sunset, but we can still hear Bermuda Radio.  The new moon was just a couple of days ago. so the starts and the bioluminescence have been brilliant.

Progress: Yesterday (in our 10 hour day) we made 24.7 nm, So far on this trip we have traveled (through the water) 52 nm, and have 2634 nm (straight line) to go.

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