Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 6 - BVI to Bermuda

Position: 28° 16.955 N, 064° 33.203 W
Weather: Fair, dry, clear
General Comments: We are now sailing downwind in light winds (heading pretty much due north, winds are south at 7kt). We have the
main and the screacher wing-on-wing to make the most of it, and are making way slowly at around 3 kt. Very slow going, the speed
indicator has never quite read zero, but at one point we were traveling a boat length per minute - very frustrating once we saw
other boats. We saw 3 sailboats on the horizon yesterday, all motor-sailing, or just motoring, but they all obviously knew each
other and it was fun to listen to their chatter on the VHF. One had just found a TV floating by!!!! Another was clearly having
some kind of marital dispute (oops!). We attempted to hail them but got no reply. Kyle also saw 2 ships, probably both headed to
the Panama Canal. So yesterday seemed like a busy day on the water.
We are currently reading a really good book called "The Whale Warriors", which tells the story of one season in Antarctica where an
extreme eco group attempts to stop the Japanese from illegally killing 1000's of whales. It's well written apart from the writers
annoying repeated poor spelling of EPIRB (he spells it Epurb). I guess his editor and proof reader didn't know much about boats
heading off shore!
Progress: Yesterday we made 85nm, So far on this trip we have travelled (through the water) 581nm, and have 247nm (straight line) to
Estimated Arrival: No Change in expected arrival time - 14th May

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