Friday, May 08, 2009

Day 3 At Sea - Report

Position: 22° 16.523 N, 064° 28.780 W, heading North from the British Virgin Islands to Bermuda

Weather: Dry, fair.  Overcast, not at all tropical

General Comments: A little more sea sickness, but I think we are finally now past that and settled into the passage (just managed to enjoy breakfast).  Still not fully adapted to watch system, but one more good sleep and I think we will each be there.  Yesterday the shackle pin was lost from the topping lift and we found that flying around.  Recovered, but then managed to get line caught in wind generator blades - all recovered and working fine now.  Toilet seat broke (again), and we discovered one of the hinge pins for the cockpit door missing (could have been for a while) - so a few minor repairs at sea.

The wind has recently clocked to SSE, so a little more downwind passage, but also decreased with the morning.  We want to make as much progress as we can since we are expecting calms as we approach Bermuda.

Progress: Yesterday we made 149.25 nm, So far on this trip we have traveled (through the water) 224.66 nm, and have 606 nm (route/track line) to go.

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NautiG said...

Nice. Fixed the "ShipTrak" widget so that your position should be accurately displayed.

Amy and I are heading out to Deltaville for a boat weekend. Unfortunately, we will not be leaving the marina.

Smooth Sailing!
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