Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Unexpected Early Departure

[Maryanne]We are leaving the BVI tonight (Early hours of Thur 7th May) - A change of plan. Originally we had intended to leave the BVI next week sometime, and I've been quietly preparing for that. However, the wind forecasts for that time are not so good. Kyle has just received an unexpected extra few days off work, and he believes we will have a much better weather window if we leave now.

Luckily, even with this recent/unexpected change of plan, the boat is ready, supplies are aboard, and all the important jobs had been done.

You can (hopefully) as always follow our progress using the map and links on the Right hand side (Or just Click here for a direct link to our Yotreps page

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Anonymous said...

God speed - we'll be tracking your progress.
Dave and JD