Sunday, May 24, 2009


[Kyle]Upon my arrival back in Bermuda from work, we reviewed the list of jobs we wanted to be completed on the boat before we left. Only then could we set aside time for sightseeing with a clear conscience.

The day was basically horrible, it was a bit too hot outside. I started off by going up the mast to check over the rigging, the view was nice and the rigging was in good shape (whew). This job was followed by several other nasty, grimy, sweaty, greasy jobs, the most irritating of which was dismantling the gear shift lever, complete with little spring loaded pieces that went zinging past my ear into the bay. Fortunately Maryanne was able to find the necessary replacements at the local amazing (and friendly) hardware store. What was most frustrating was all we discovered was there was nothing wrong with the gear shifter after all, but at least now we know how it works (and which springs to look out for).

My next project is to figure out how much electricity a toaster uses - using ordinary household utensils; Maryanne reminds me I'm well insured if I want to test it with a fork.

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