Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 4 - Bermuda to Ireland

Weather: Drizzly, overcast, cooler.  Enclosure is invaluable

General Comments:  Wind and waves have built (6-8').  We are currently travelling between 7-8 kts.  We have reefs in both sails now.  Ride now quite choppy and we need to ensure we keep a hand for the boat.  So far no sign of seasickness (and long may that last).  Kyle's first breakfast was lost in the cockpit as the boat rolled unexpectedly, we are expecting these conditions to last for another few days.  Yesterday we saw dolphins again in the early afternoon; you just can't help but be excited.  We still get regular visits from storm petrels.  We are keeping a good course just where we want to go, so no tacking or gybing required so far.

Food: Kyle has put a moratorium on my using the pressure cooker for a day at least..  He does the washing up and it does not fit well in the sink, making washing up much more difficult.  I need to keep him sweet, so it will be pasta for a couple of days now.  Yesterday we had an egg and turkey bacon wrap for lunch, and a nice "fried" free-range chicken dinner with lots of our fresh vegetables from Bermuda.

Progress: Yesterday we made 149 nm, So far on this trip we have travelled (through the water) 335.3 nm, and have 2375 nm (straight line) to go.

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