Sunday, June 07, 2009

Day 13 - Bermuda to Ireland

Weather: Very overcast, drizzly - getting much colder, down to around 16 C.

General Comments: Too many overcast and low wind days again, so another 2 hours of engine running last night to top up the batteries. Kyle actually spotted a large commercial fishing boat out here too last night. Yesterday morning we had spotted a small orange fishing buoy with a radio antenna (not sure if the two are related). Yesterday as we changed watch we had a large pod of especially playful dolphins visit. They were a different species and a quick check in our guide book has our best guess at Clymene Dolphins - but My guidebook is for N. America / Caribbean only - so we could still be wrong.

Yesterday after Kyle checked the weather and found our best route, we prepared for a storm. I cooked up a big batch of chili so that if either of us feel like eating we only have to heat things up, and we tidied the boat to reduce the number of things that might fall in the bigger seas. We took down the screacher and stowed it, and as Kyle left for his off watch, we expected a lull before the storm, but so far it has not arrived, we've been moving steadily east at a reasonable pace. As I went to bed, the seas we're still pretty calm, but they are much more choppy now (but still not even bad). We'll be keeping an eye on the weather, and get the latest grib file (grib is a special format for weather files) as we go on line to send this update.

Food: Quesadillas for lunch and an orange/honey/ginger glazed chicken on cous cous for dinner. Generally we eat dinner sat at the table on plates with a glass of wine or a beer - but when on a passage that image changes somewhat - no alcohol, no table, and no plates - we eat out of bowls, and everything that can be served (and even things that should not be served) in a bowl is. Cous Cous is the perfect passage food, it is a very small pasta (about the size of course sand grains) - I just pop 1/4 cup in the bowl, add 1/4 cup of boiling water and leave it for 3-5 minutes, pile whatever else we are having on top - easy. And I have no qualms about using chili, indian, or any other nationality food with cous cous. It makes for a one pot dinner (no extra pans or dishes, so Kyle especially loves it).

Progress: Yesterday we made 126nm, So far on this trip we have traveled (through the water) 1446nm, and have 1375nm (straight line) to go.


Karen said...

Congratulations!! You've made it past the half-way mark with flying colors! And considering everything you've accomplished so far, the 1 or 2 slightly muted colors of the leak and mast pin troubles are completely invisible to the naked eye! ;-) Yea!

Wishing you both smooth and happy sails for the 2nd half!

NautiG said...

Caught my first fish of the season yesterday. A little bluefish. I'll never have the balls to cross the Atlantic, so it's killing me that you are eating mac & cheese and chili. Can't you please put a line out and catch some fish for dinner?

Anyway, stay safe. Hope the weather doesn't get too nasty.

Bob said...

Congratulations!!! Crossing the half way mark is a great achievement. All your friends are cheering for you both. Your Mid-Atlantic cuisine is better than I have at home. Continued best wishes for an enjoyable voyage.