Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Footprint Ship Shape (almost)

[Kyle] We spent most of today finally finishing up our various jobs, at least the critical ones. I installed the starboard centerboard line at the expense of most of the skin on my hands and forearms. I eventually learned that it was much easier and quicker to use our butane hot knife to cut away the old line than it was to try and get a regular knife down in there and saw away while the fiberglass edges eat through my arms. I did get the second one done in about half the time. That's experience, I guess.

After that, we tore apart the port hull so that we could get to the 'bouyancy' tank on that side. It wasn't too bad - about 3" water inside. The real benefit of all this is that the process of pulling everything out and putting it back in gave us a chance to give Footprint a much needed spring cleaning. We still have a few non-critical jobs to do, most notably the stern rail, but now the boat is recovered from the rough passage and ready to move on. The inside is all nice and tidy, perhaps not ready to represent PCI at a boat show, but not looking too bad for a 10,000 mile boat. This is a huge relief for me as I hate having a mess hanging over my head. I can't even leave dishes overnight.

That all done and feeling chuffed with ourselves, we headed to the center of Baltimore Yachting, Bushe's Bar, for refreshing showers, a light lunch and a steady wifi (so I can do this). We also loaded up at the local market on some of the stuff we've been getting short on, such as eggs and fresh bread.

Since we're finished with everything we can get done here, we're looking forward to a nice evening of loafing and looking out at beautiful Baltimore Harbour. Tomorrow, we're looking forward to anchoring at Sherkin Island, just a couple of miles away, still within Baltimore Harbour. It looks really pretty there and it's just a little out of dinghy reach. One of the guys we met keeps saying you have to leave Ireland to go to Sherkin Island.

[Maryanne]Kyle has had to do most of the work over the last 2 days, since I managed to take a seat in the dingy, only to find the seat was not where I expected - I slammed my back onto the edge of the seat and landed hard on the floor... That left me with a really bruised and stiff back and could hardly move, let alone lift and clean for 2 days... Whatever it takes I generally find a way to get out of too much hard work :-)

Together we are currently reading a book by Shane Acton about the boat "Shrimpy" an 18' boat that sailed around the world in the 70's, and I'm reading a book "No Place for a Woman" by Marie-Christine Ridgway. Both of these are making our adventures look like nothing more than a trip to the local park for a picnic.... Just as we are basking in the completion of our own little adventure these books are putting us in our place - heck, we ONLY crossed the Atlantic.


Mommy Dearest said...

In my quest to feel a kinship with you, I went outside to the pool, splashed around a lot to make enough waves so that the skimmer door banged around, then got on the float and tried to sleep. I see what you mean ;-)

Maryanne, I'm sorry to hear you have injured yourself. Thank heavens you're in a country where you can get medical care for free if you need it. Take it easy and enjoy the beautiful Emerald Isle. I shall continue trying to emulate your experiences in my tiny little ocean.

Mommy Dearest said...

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: Hooray for Len!