Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving on to Crosshaven (Cork area)

Misty coastline of Southern Ireland, County Cork

[Kyle]We got up before sunrise to catch the morning tide out of Kinsale in a thick, windless fog. Not since leaving Maine have Maryanne and I left a harbour without being able to see anything at all along the way. The fog thinned out further from the coast and for just a minute, I thought there was enough wind to sail, but 30 minutes after putting everything out the slatting started to drive me crazy and the sails were furled again for the rest of the journey.

Boats moored at every bend in Owenboy River

We arrived in Cork Harbour and took a quick tour up the Owenboy River. It was packed with moorings for its entire navigable portion. We then stopped at Salve Marina in Crosshaven, where we intended to get through the rest of the repair list from our Atlantic crossing.

Salve has a huge, well equipped machine shop on the premises and the guys were great. We got our propane filled pretty much immediately, even though we had crazy U.S. fittings. We pulled the rail off the stern and they had the thing done within an hour or so (we’ll reinstall it tomorrow). This left us with enough time to go into the village for a quick look around. Everybody there was so nice and helpful.

Kyle feeds the swan that visits us as we arrive at Salve Marine

Now we feel rich again. We have full fuel, full water, full propane, and things are getting fixed. The only down side is that laundromats are almost unheard of in Ireland, so we have to have it done for us. It looks like it’ll be about the price of a decent meal in Kinsale.

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