Monday, June 01, 2009

Day 7 - Bermuda to Ireland

Weather: Gray, dull, occasional drizzle
General Comments: Winds still relatively light, and not helped by the fact we are sailing almost down wind (so the speed of the boat
away from the wind makes the wind speed at the boat even less). Total cloud cover for days now, the lack of wind and sun means we
are not maintaining our battery levels, so we are reducing the amount of time we spend using the autopilot, we have to hand steer
more often. Eventually, we'll have to start the motor (in about 2 hours), but Kyle is holding out for sunshine and says he "has a
plan"... Hmmm....
Kyle did find a working solution for our geyser cockpit drains - he has covered each with a flip flop so we no longer get sprayed
from time to time if we find ourselves anywhere near them... I keep forgetting why they are there and tidying up, and then learning
the hard way, I think I've finally got it.
Food: Both of us are felling less hungry, perhaps not surprisingly since we are leading quite a sedentary existence; so yesterday
was mostly snacks, but with a Tofu Thai curry for dinner, and although I made plenty, we each had seconds and so there were no
leftovers. Included in the snacks is some Oreo pudding with crumble/cookie base - a packet mix. I decided to treat Kyle to a
chocolaty treat yesterday and dug in my cupboard for some packet mixes that I knew were there. I found 3 different mixes, but only
one with instructions... It seems I've taken the sailors caution of avoiding cardboard on the boat (to keep away the cockroaches) a
bit too carefully and thrown the boxes away.. So now I have two mystery mixes. I think one is a brownie mix and the other a pudding
(instant whip type desert) - but I'm not sure how much of what to add to each, nor how long (nor if) to bake. Oops.
Progress: Yesterday we made 135 nm, So far on this trip we have traveled (through the water) 720 nm, and have 2053 nm (straight
line) to go.
Note: any comments posted on our passage blogs are welcomed as always, but we won't be able to ready any of them until we eventually
make landfall

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Bob said...

I noticed you avoided the Continental Shelf, great idea.
Glad to hear all is going well and the mild weather prevailing. Don't be in too big a hurry for more winds, they can be impressive out there. Good time to rest up for them. Maryanne, I am sure those puddings will be delishous anyway.