Sunday, August 31, 2014

Exploring Oakland and San Francisco

[Kyle]Chris had suggested that we may want to be at one of the other two marinas owned by the same company that were farther up the estuary. We weren’t really keen on the idea because the public transport is so much better at Jack London Square, but we took our morning run in that direction to have a look anyway. It was a bit of a trek, but we were glad we went.

The other two marinas turned out not to be nearly so nice. Jack London Square would cost us a bit more, but it now seemed like it was definitely a good deal in comparison.

Bill was generously offering out home made waffles, which we managed to avoid with the run, so we decided to more than make up for it with what must have been a nine thousand calorie lunch at Juan’s Place. We followed this with salsa dancing back at Jack London. The city had free lessons followed by music in the square on Friday nights. Those last two things really should be done in the other order.

After all of this, Maryanne managed to persuade me to go on a guided walk of San Francisco the next day. We got up somewhat early and headed to the city on the BART. Our walk was billed as a guided tour through many of San Francisco’s more architecturally interesting neighborhoods. It didn’t turn out quite that way.

Exploring San Francisco from Embarcadero to Land's End (around 9 miles)

We did see a lot of cool places, but the walk was too long to allow much time for stopping and although our tour guide was interesting, he was soft spoken so we didn’t get much commentary. Bathroom breaks for everyone also took up a huge chunk of time. In the end, I think we wished we had been given the route to do ourselves at our own pace. We would have covered the almost ten miles in half the time. We felt rushed when we wanted to linger and take pictures and frustrated with standing by the bathrooms for half an hour.

We met some nice people though, and I’ve got to hand it to the organizer. He seems like a nice old guy who just really likes to take long, strenuous walks and he’s managed to find a way to make some money doing it with low prices and large groups. We left mostly happy, feeling like we’d finally worked off the previous day’s lunch.


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