Friday, August 22, 2014

Fort Bragg

[Kyle]After sailing through the night and a brief nap to reset our internal clocks, we walked up the hill and over the bridge into Fort Bragg.

Actually, the main part of the town is about a mile further, so we walked there. It started a lot like Brookings, but picked up some charm as we went, although the first building we saw upon passing the sign that said “Welcome to Historic Downtown Fort Bragg” was a 1990s era bank with a drive-through. The sign was about three buildings too early.

Once we made it to the historic part of town, we decided to keep going to see the trestle over Pudding Creek. Well, we had to cross the trestle, which revealed a network of trails running along the cliff tops by the sea. A few “just to the next point” add-ons later, we finally had the sense to turn back home. We arrived sore and barely able to lift our poor feet. It was a really nice day, though.

After a hike through town we made it to the picturesque Pudding Creek and beyond for a cliff top exploration and more beautiful scenery!

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Mommy Carla said...

I used to opine that Fort Bragg is where they put all the hardware and tire stores that neighboring Mendocino won't allow. Thus, Mendocino still looks like it did 150 years ago and Fort Bragg has banks with drive-through windows. That said, they have a great Brewery there and a few over-the-top Victorian houses that are jaw-dropping. Plus, it's next door to Mendocino....