Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 20 - Bermuda to Ireland

Weather: Gray, very mixed and big seas (5.5m), winds still in upper 20's constantly, with occasional sustained gusts in the 30's; miserable. Worst of all it is very cold.  We each sit watch with at least 5 layers of clothing, with chemical pocket/glove warmers and are very pleased when our respective watches are over.  Kyle takes the worst of it, and I love him dearly for that. Based on yesterday's forecast, we are expecting calm conditions by Monday Night... and Kyle promises not to complain if there is no wind (We'll see). A wave last night smashed into the side wall of the enclosure and pulled it's track (that the bolt rope slides on) off - so now even colder to sit watch; and there is no hiding inside to warm up, since we have to be at the wheel with no autopilot and in these conditions.

General Comments: Leak resolved (it was just me leaving the rudder compartment door ajar (it caught on the swim ladder as I closed it and so did not fully close down). Of course, water in the rudder compartment should not find its way into the boat, but on the Gemini it does, and we have been living with the trickle for some time while frantically working out how to locate and stop it... This job now seriously moves up the priority list, but we need to be hauled out for it (decent access to this area is only really available from standing about waist high in water otherwise.  It took us around 4 hours to clean up after the leak, and to empty out the buoyancy compartment that was also filled with water (despite also having empty water bottles in there too).  All this did not help our progress towards Ireland. Aghhhh.

Food: More weevils found in another batch of Pasta - Must remember not to use that store in the BVI again (Or was it St Maarten?)!

Progress: Yesterday we made 100 nm, So far on this trip we have traveled (through the water) 2295 nm, and have 506 nm (straight line) to go.


Anonymous said...

Maryanne: Congratulations on a fantastic voyage. You and Kyle are true Mariners in the best sense of the word. I and all your friends wish you a safe landfall in Ireland.

Mommy Dearest said...

Almost there, almost there, almost there, almost there!!!