Friday, August 22, 2014


[Maryanne]Mendocino is a picturesque town set on yet more of the stunning north Californian coastline. It must have very strict laws in place as it appears as a postcard American village from a time at least 100 years ago. Some of you may recognise it as the "Cabot Cove" of "Murder She Wrote". I'd visited once before with Kyle, Carla and Carlos (before Kyle and I married) and was looking forward to seeing this beautiful place all over again. We soon learned that all the locals simply call the place "Mendo".

[Kyle]The worst part about Mendocino is having to look at all of that stunning scenery. Scenery, yuck!

Mendocino Headlands State Park

Mendocino just has to be the prettiest place along the whole northern California/Oregon coast. I’ve been several times and it never loses its charm. Somehow, I think of it as my mother’s pretty little seaside village because she must have called dibs the first time we saw it. I’m much better at “not it!”

We took the short bus ride from Ft. Bragg to the church at the northwestern corner of the town. From there, we walked along every inch of the impossibly beautiful shoreline to the beach at the southeastern corner of town. Along the way, we met a guy who lives here. Every morning, he goes out and takes a different picture of the coast with his coffee cup in the foreground. He then sends the picture to his friends on the east coast working hard at their office jobs! That’s gotta hurt.

Maryanne snacks on blackberries along the coastal park before we head to town for real sustinance

The last bit of the coast trail passes through more blackberry bushes than the town and all of the birds in the area can harvest. We grazed intermittently, calling it breakfast, but still arrived at the pub where we ate lunch with incriminating stains on our hands and scratches on our legs. Oh, yeah. We ate your berries and we’d do it again!

Once we had a real meal, we spent the rest of our time before the bus home browsing the shops and trying not to buy anything. We topped it off with a couple of Irish Coffees at the very posh Mendocino Hotel, just for the pleasure of sitting by a window and looking at the view of the cliffs outside.

Scenes from the town itself!

Mendocino Headlands State Park

Mendocino Headlands State Park


Mommy Carla said...

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos of my favorite place on earth. Yes, I did call Dibs but have taken nearly everyone important to me there to share the magnificence. You forgot to mention the redwood forest that is literally across the 2-lane highway from town, where you can get lost in the mist and centuries old forest floor. I will always remember the trip the four of us took there and am so glad you were able to spend such a wonderful day there together.

SV-Footprint said...

Carla - yep, we missed out on the beautiful redwoods there as we were limited by bus times... but there is always next time, and we plan for there to definitely be a next time. :-)