Saturday, April 05, 2008

Back at the Boat

[Maryanne]Not much to report, I just thought I'd let you all know that I made it back to the USA on Wednesday, and back to the boat around midday on Thursday. Kyle had done a HUGE amount of preparation on the boat, the enclosure was fitted, boat hulls painted, gel coat polished, oil changed, etc... A Big Thank you to Kyle

Now I'm back, I have been running around: collecting dive gear that had been sent off for servicing; catching up with friends; getting the satellite phone hooked up to the computer (failed, it does not work with Vista); grocery shopping, and stowing; catching up with the mail and everything that has been ignored while I've been away; etc, etc, etc. A few days of mad rushing around before we (hopefully) leave on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage! We are really going to miss you guys... keep in touch, 'kay? (kate & mark)

Lou & Meg SV *Starrider* said...

Glad you got the boat ready quickly. You both have a safe trip, and we will be thinking about you as your voyage takes you past our home. If not for the bottom job we are in the middle of, we could have met you offshore and gave you some sailing company for a while. Hopefully we will catch up with you some other time. Take Care, Louie and Meg