Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kyle's Life on a Boat

Kyle Running in Warwick Kyle handling the Holding Tank issues! Fishing attempt - still no luck
[Maryanne]Kyle likes to find time to run while we have any time on land, and while we are docked in Apponaug we are lucky enough to have some nice waterside parks with trails that make this very attractive (I join him on the bicycle).

When Kyle comes home to the boat, we try and have the chores done and the boat ready to go (our "Play Time"), so he is enjoying my retirement also. This weekend, I saved Kyle a job (Pumping out the holding tank - Yuk) - but mostly he gets to enjoy being Captain, and here's a picture of him attempting some fishing on a no-wind day! I purchased the fishing gear, and have bought and been given fishing books - but after months of on and off fishing attempts we have yet to catch a thing - the fish are safe for now.

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kate said...

These are such great shots! They're so lovingly posed-looking, even if they're not. But with the title, and then a quick glance at the pics below, I thought how funny it would be to have a pic of Kyle sitting with his legs crossed and wearing an ascot. Perhaps with a bottle of Campari at his elbow and Maryanne in the background loaded down with bags of just-purchased provisions. Now, THAT is the accompanying photo to "Kyle's Life on a Boat." I am cracking myself up. (Is it wrong to be your own best audience?)